Every day, the design industry is constantly changing. There’s new technology and new ways of doing things that at one time we never saw coming. Unfortunately because of this, the quality and craftsmanship of what is created can often be lost. In a fast paced world like our own, we can’t afford to lose those things. Sometimes we may only have a few seconds to take in a slide, a flyer, or a social media advertisement and the first impression is what counts the most. It is what keeps viewers coming back to see more.



Hourly is our most popular option. It works on a first-come-first-served basis from when we receive the assets for the project. We don’t hold time for starting or for revisions. Once we receive the assets, we will review the files and call/email with estimate and date/time for turn-around.


This option is ideal for clients that know exactly when their assets will be ready and want guaranteed support for a specific date. We will set aside one of our designers for a full day (no half days), just for that client. Once booked, this option can’t be cancelled.


For large and complex projects, we will create a budget and timeline specific to the deliverable(s). For this option, we work with clients to determine a reasonable and effective project timeline and then ensure that artists and production personnel are available to meet each deadline.


At Create Expectations,

We combine the use of technology and craftsmanship to create something eye catching, interesting, and always high in quality, no matter the medium.

We believe that this is what sets us apart from the crowd and why you should choose to work with us.