Presentations come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and platforms. PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, Flash. Standard 4:3 or super-wide. We create them all! And our four levels of presentation design allow clients a wide range of customization. Feel free to drop us a line if you just can't decide which of our custom services will work best for your project!

(Hourly pricing is the same for all levels, however, the amount of customization increases with each level and therefore Concierge and Signature levels take longer to design and produce.)



For messy decks that need a good scrub, this level will make them sparkle. Working with a client’s existing template and content style, we’ll create visually consistent and professional looking presentations. We ensure charts, tables, graphics, and photos are formatted in the same style, that the correct fonts are used, and that each page has proper alignment and distribution. When we’re done, these decks will shine! 



Our Concierge level is for slides that need to work just a little bit harder. Custom diagrams or slide re-concepting might be what the presentation needs to kick it up a level. Or image searches from our subscription stock house to give the story more visual impact. This level offers targeted high-level design without going overboard.



Our Signature Service is our high-end presentation design option. We customize each slide for maximum impact and content retention. And, while we ensure visual consistency throughout the deck, there is nothing “standard” about the design of these slides. With unique graphics, compelling imagery, and the perfect amount of animation, we create slides that bring ideas and stories to life.



For clients looking for a fresh new presentation style, we can custom design a template that perfectly fits their unique company or event.